CHARLOTTE, N.C.-- Trina Potter is worried.

She knows she can teach her middle school students at Ashley Park Elementary, but she is not sure they'll have the supplies they need to get their work done. Basic supplies like paper, pens and pencils.

I have one or two more packs of paper left, she says as she shows NBC Charlotte the remaining loose leaf in her room.

Potter says she's in a crisis, along with many teachers and students in the CMS system.

It causes a lot of interruption in learning when they don't have something to write with, and they can't take notes. They can't complete assignments, she says.

For years Potter and other CMS teachers at some of the district's most challenged schools have received free school supplies for their students in need at Classroom Central.

We're in need of books, paper, pens, pencils, erasers, glue, said Classroom Central's Executive Director Jill Dineen-Scott.

Man of the shelves at Classroom Central are empty. The supply so low the group is reaching out to the community asking for help. The organization has seen a sharp rise in teachers who need the supplies.

Really, psychologically, without the basic supplies, it's very difficult to arrive to school and feel prepared and confident and ready to succeed, shad Dineen-Scott.

Many of Classroom Central's shelves are nearly empty because the need has increased. The organization that used to give freely has had to limit what teachers can take.

If you'd like to help you can find out more about the need and how to get involved by going to Classroom Central's website

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