A man dressed as the Cookie Monster is accused of pushing a 2-year-old boy in New York's Times Square.

We were walking in his direction, but we did not approach him, we did not speak to him... He just came and he just picked up Samay and he's like, Ccome, come, come take picture with us, take picture with us,' the victim s mother recalled.

People dressed like children's characters are becoming a common sight in Times Square, and they pose for pictures and money.

After taking her child's picture, Parmita Kurada says she told the man her husband needed to get cash, but Cookie Monster apparently got belligerent.
The curse words were really bad, like I cannot even repeat what he was saying. I've never had anyone say that to me. And worse was he was cursing at my kids, she says.

Then, she says the costumed character pushed her child's stroller, and the police were called.

They arrested a man who has no prior criminal record. Bail was set at a thousand dollars.

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