RALEIGH, N.C. -- Several North Carolina law makers proposed a bill that would allow the Department of Transportation to increase the posted speed limit to 75 mph.

The proposed bill would allow NCDOT to determine which highways would see the increase in maximum legal speeds. It stipulates that only sections of highway outside of city limits would be eligible.

The current limit is 70 mph.

Bill sponsor Sen. Neal Hunt of Raleigh says he wants to give drivers the opportunity to travel more quickly in light traffic areas without getting a ticket. He envisions Interstate 40 between Raleigh and Wilmington as a candidate.

AAA Carolinas motor club spokesman Tom Crosby raised several concerns, saying speed is a contributing factor in one-third of traffic fatalities.

The bill was filed last week with support from several local representatives.

Among the bill's primary sponsors is Kathy Harrington (R), of Gastonia. Other local bill sponsors are Bill Cook (R), of Salisbury and Dan Soucek (R), who represents Ashe, Avery, Caldwell and Watauga Counties.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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