HOUSTON, Texas Dylan Quick, the 20-year-old accused of stabbing 14 fellow students at the Lone Star College Cy-Fair campus, allegedly told investigators he had been fantasizing about cutting off people s faces and wearing them as masks.

The fantasies started when he was eight years old, he told investigators. He also said he fantasized about cannibalism and necrophilia.

The new details are outlined in a search warrant served by Harris County Sheriff s deputies at Quick s parents home in northwest Harris County.

Mr. Quick admitted he was the lone stabber at Lone Star College, the warrant states. Mr. Quick stated that last week he researched the Internet about mass stabbings on his personal computer.

Authorities seizedan animal dissection kit, aHannibal Lecter mask and the books Hit List and Hitman, which deal with serial killings.

They also confiscated The Book of Five Rings, a martial arts text on sword fighting, a laptop anda digital camera.

Quick said he'd been planning the attack at Lone Star for some time.

The warrant stated that Quick sharpened various instruments such as a hairbrush and pencils to use as weapons.

He confessed that he used an X-acto knife and a scalpel in the campus stabbing spree, according to the warrant.

Quick waived his right to a probable cause hearing Thursday and was a no-show in court.

He remains jailed and is under a suicide watch, his attorney said.

If convicted, Quick faces up to 20 years in prison.

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