CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Charlotte Douglas International Airport had the ninth-highest percentage of its flights delayed Monday, on the first work day following the start of FAA-mandated furloughs for air traffic controllers, according to a website that tracks flight schedules.

FlightStats reported Tuesday morning that 31.2 percent of the arrivals and departures in Charlotte were late Monday.

During a three-hour period charted Tuesday morning, the on-time performance in Charlotte was better, with a little less than 20 percent of flights departing or arriving late.

The worst performance Monday was at New York City s LaGuardia Airport, where 52.67 percent of the flights were late.

Air traffic controllers are taking required furlough days, as part of the federal budget cuts. Those same cuts are responsible for the loss of air traffic contollers at a number of smaller airports, including Concord and Hickory.

The delays were obvious again Tuesday morning in Charlotte.

The average delay time during a period between 7 and 10 a.m. for arrivals and departures was about 33 minutes, according to FlightStats. The longest delay was 80 minutes, for a departing US Airways flight to Montego Bay, Jamaica. But there also were delays of 45 minutes or more for flights to Cleveland Hopkins International and New York s LaGuardia airports.

FlightStats said there were 207 flight cancellations and 4,842 delays across the United States on Sunday, the first day of furloughs. That climbed to 400 cancellations and 6,997 delays Monday.

Here are the 10 airports with the highest percentage of flight delays Monday, according to FlightStats:

1. New York LaGuardia ... 52.67 percent

2. Fort Lauderdale ... 48.64 percent

3. Orlando ... 47.29 percent

4. Tampa ... 43.04 percent

5. Denver ... 41.7 percent

6. Newark ... 41.34 percent

7. New York JFK ... 36.89 percent

8. Miami ... 32.26 percent

9. Charlotte ... 31.2 percent

10. Chicago Midway ... 28.67 percent

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