CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Springtime means overcrowding at the Humane Society of Charlotte and they're looking for you help.

The shelters says kittens and puppies are born this time of year and many are abandoned at their facility.

Pet owners should make sure their cats and dogs are spayed or neutered. Others can donate funds for those who can't afford their services.

Just last year the shelter spayed or neutered more than 11,000 cats and dogs. In fact, at their two clinics in Charlotte, they perform the procedures about 70 times a day.

Still, they say overpopulation is a real problem in the Queen City, straining their financial resources and leaving other deserving animals abandoned.

According to the Humane Society of Charlotte's Jorge Ortega, What happens in return is that we get the puppies and kitten adopted, then the adult dogs and cats have a harder time finding homes.

The shelter is always running promotions to help folks afford spay and neuter services.

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