CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Ellis Royster sat passively as witness after witness pointed the finger at him during his Mecklenburg County murder trial Thursday afternoon.

He's accused of killing 2-year-old Amias Robinson in August of 2010 with a stray bullet following an argument over a $10 marijuana deal gone bad.

Shots were fired, I got on the Ground, recalled 17-year-old Angelica Bynum, who was with Amias' babysitters at the time. The baby got shot.

When the prosecutor asked if Amias was he still in the stroller, Angelia replied, Yes.

Even though the prosecution was on offense, defense attorneys tried to make the most of the fact that Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police initially arrested the wrong man.

Naw I'm not afraid of nobody, I'm not afraid of anybody, said Shariff Baker, a key eyewitness in the case.

But Baker changed his story several times and that was a key reason that Alvin Alexander was arrested. Police say he initially identified Ellis Royster but stressed to him that he could be charged if he was lying.

He changed his story, he dropped his head down and then he says okay and says Alvin Alexander was doing the shooting, said Homicide Investigator Terry Brandon.

Police continued their investigation and came back and arrested Royster and dropped charges against Alexander.

Prosecutors expect to wrap up their case Friday; defense attorneys are debating whether to present any evidence.

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