LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- The mother of a suspect in a home break-in is pleading for her daughter to turn herself in.

After watching WHAS11 on Friday night Vikki Marion called police. Her daughter s face was captured on camera after she broke into a Fern Creek home.

Jim Hagan, the homeowner, said several items were taken including his late wife s jewelry.

Vikki Marion said seeing her daughter on TV was heartbreaking. She wasn t raised that way. At one time she had a conscience. Now it s lost. The drug addiction has taken over and she s not thinking. The drugs have taken over.

Marion said her 24 year-old daughter Samantha Poynter and Samantha s husband, Kerry, have broken into her home twice this year. According to Marion, they took jewelry and prescription pills. She said the couple has several warrants out for their arrests.

Marion said she wanted to apologize to Hagan for her daughter s actions. I hope that man knows I m sorry. I m so sorry. I did not raise her that way.

The couple recently skipped out on court ordered rehab. Marion says she wanted to reach out to WHAS11 in hopes that someone who knows where Samantha and Kerry are will contact police.

Marion said the two have warrants out for their arrests and recently skipped out on a court date that would have mandated rehab.

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