YORK COUNTY, S.C. -- Members of the Lake Wylie YMCA are outraged after learning that an employee left a video camera in the women locker room.

On Wednesday, deputies with the York County Sheriff's Department arrested 58-year-old John Ross Eddy and charged him with aggravated voyeurism.

Investigators say a YMCA member accidentally discovered the camera and handed it to a staff person.

She was at the counter and she actually knocked it off the counter she didn't know what it was and said I m sorry I knocked this off , said Trent Faris, the Public Information Officer for the York County Sheriff s Department.

After deputies began examining the device, they didn't have to look very far to find a suspect.

We found out it was him because he videotaped himself on the camera while he was putting it under the sink so it was pretty obvious who he was, said Faris.

In a statement the YMCA said no images of its members were captured. Deputies spent all day Friday analyzing the data to make sure.

Depending on what investigators find, Eddy could face additional charges.

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