LINCOLNTON, N.C. -- A fast moving fire heavily damaged an old textile mill in Lincolnton Monday night.

There were no injuries reported as of late Monday night and fire investigators had not been able to determine the cause.

Flames swept through nearly three-quarters of the old Massapoag Mill, sending smoke high into the sky that could be seen all over Lincolnton.

Patricia Edwards Ickard lives in the house closest to the mill and said it appeared part of the mill was still being used for something.

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I've seen a truck that backs up and puts stuff there and then comes back to get the stuff from that portion of the mill, she said.

Fire Marshal Patrick King said that would be part of the investigation.

We do know it was used for storage. I haven't talked to any of the bystanders yet but we will be doing that after we get things cleaned up, King said.

Neighbors watched from up the street as firefighters continued to pour water on the stubborn blaze that would flame-up as crews took down sections of walls to get at it.

It is really scary to think it is as close as it is to where I live, said Shirley Moore who watched the fire from her front porch.

Fire investigators say they will have to wait until the building cools enough before they can venture inside to try and determine a cause.

Fire Marshal Patrick King tells NBC Charlotte that mill was one of several that have been condemned, We then know if no one is inside how to attack the fire.

The mill has been condemned for years.

The roof had caved in years ago, said King.

Both the fire department and residents say building was used to store items.

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