CORNELIUS, N.C. -- Demonstrators chanted, shame on you, shame on you, as Governor Pat McCrory arrived at the Cornelius Town Hall Friday afternoon for a bill signing.

McCrory had come back to the area to sign the Mecklenburg County Revaluation Refund bill.

The man who was once the popular mayor of Charlotte for more than a decade, found himself the target of protesters who say he has turned his back on the promises he made when he ran for governor.

One of the demonstrators, Annie O'Brien said, everything that is happening in North Carolina is just so shameful to me. I can t believe all the things Pat McCrory is signing into legislation.

Many of those who turned out did so after hearing that McCrory was planning to sign the new abortion bill, passed by the legislature, which increases regulations at abortion clinics.

They say McCrory pledged to do nothing to further restrict abortions.

The bill signing in the town hall was open only to the press and invited guests -- further inflaming demonstrators who had hoped to confront McCrory.

He has no backbone, it's beginning to look like, and that is a surprise, said Evalyn Crawford, who had come to add her voice to the protest.

When the bill signing was finally over, McCrory left through a side door, avoiding the demonstrators who all said they had something they wanted to tell him.

Natasha Marcus said she would ve told McCrory, you are breaking promises...

In a phone interview with NBC Charlotte reporter Dave Wagner, McCrory said the demonstrators were part of a well-funded, coordinated group and did not represent the majority of the people of North Carolina.

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