CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Leave your guns at home.

A local restaurant is taking a stand against a new state law.

Tucked away in Park Road Shopping Center is Sir Edmond Halley s.

Owner Svend Deal told NBC Charlotte, From day one we ve been oriented on being personable to everybody that comes in the door and it s in the neighborhood setting.

But since last week, patrons of the British pub are also being greeted by a sign on the outside door announcing no guns allowed.

It s just not a safe thing to promote guns and alcohol. Any safety course will say don't mix the two and yet the legislature wants you to do exactly that, Deal adds.

Last month, North Carolina legislators passed new gun laws, allowing permit holders to bring guns in restaurants and bars.

It s common sense not to use guns and alcohol, and put them in the same room together, he says.

So Deal is exercising his own right: banning guns. The legislation says it s up to establishment owners. But not all of his customers are thrilled.

I am a female, single, and I d like protection on me for anything that might go down, Beth Nifong told said over lunch. It s just a little scary knowing I can t protect myself.

But Deal says most patrons, even the gun club members that meets here, are okay with his stance.

The reaction we ve gotten is overwhelmingly good.

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