SALISBURY, N.C. -- The adoptive mother of missing 15-year-old Erica Parsons is in the hospital.

Hospital officials confirm that Casey Parsons was admitted to Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center on Wednesday. Officials also said she is in good condition.

It's unclear what led to her being admitted to the hospital. She has been hospitalized numerous times in the past for complications from stomach surgery.

Investigators from the Rowan County Sheriff's Office, State Bureau of Investigation and FBI swarmed the house on Miller Chapel Road Wednesday morning and spent the day there.

Investigators aren't saying what they found, but call the search a common tactic in trying to locate a missing person.

A brother reported Erica missing two weeks ago, nearly two years after the Parsons say Erica went to visit her biological grandmother in the Asheville area, then called to say she wasn't coming back.

The Parsons say they were OK with that because Erica was happier and the Parsons were having trouble at home with the older brother, plus complications from a surgery required extended hospital stays for Casey.

They say they dropped Erica off with the grandmother and other relatives at a restaurant in Mooresville, and had met the grandmother on several occasions and were comfortable with Erica living with her because they trusted her.

From AirStar, investigators could be seen at the house and looking at a back shed and the back deck, which had several boards removed.

It's the same backyard and deck the Parsons showed NBC Charlotte last week. They said they expected investigators to search their property, after the Parsons say their older son, who reported Erica missing, claimed the parents killed her and buried her in the backyard.

Said we killed and buried her in the backyard, and that's what they were asking, Did we kill and bury her? said Erica's mother Casey Parsons.

Her answer was no.

The Parsons say investigators told them they would tear up their backyard.

They said they welcomed any search and have nothing to hide.

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