CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- When you spend $2,500 on leather sofas, you expect them to hold up.

Kathy Liston in Southpark says, We didn t think it was right because we have two of the same couches, and one was wrinkling. And they get equal use.

Kathy bought the couches last October at Macy s and even paid $250 for the extra warranty. When the wrinkles arose, Kathy says she was told it was wear and tear, even though the matching one right next to it still looked brand new.

And it kept getting worse and worse said Kathy.

Macy s seemed to be holding firm, Kathy saying they told her there s nothing they could do. That s when Kathy called the I-Team. We reached out to Macy s and sent them Kathy s pictures.

Macy s responded by saying they would investigate, and within a few days, Kathy says they called her with very good news.

They said they ll make it right and replace it, or give me my money back. That s what they said they were going to do-- give me a full refund for both sofas.

Here s what Kathy did right: she saved her paperwork, she documented her conversations with the department store and she took pictures of the problem.

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