SALISBURY, N.C. Sunday afternoon, Sandy Parsons spoke briefly with NBC Charlotte. The adoptive father of missing teen, Erica Parsons, told our news photographer she ain t dead...

It was Friday night when hundreds gathered in front of the Parsons home for an emotional candlelight vigil to remember the missing teenager.

Erica was last seen two years ago but only recently was reported missing to authorities. Sunday, Sandy Parsons threw away the candles and posters left behind. He and his wife, Casey Parsons, did not attend Friday s vigil.

As he tossed away candles, NBC Charlotte asked Sandy, can you respond at all to this candlelight vigil? still scooping up candles Sandy responded she ain t dead, never turning his head to look our way.

As many as 200 people took part in the vigil, most who never even knew Erica but wanted to come show they cared.

Neighbors who ve been watching the Parsons case on local and national media outlets say they remain curious.

She's saying she knows where the child is, said Stephen Munga. So bring the child out so we can close this out. What's the deal? asked Munga, echoing the thoughts and voices so many people have about Erica s parents.

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