SALISBURY, N.C. -- Missing teen Erica Parsons' adoptive parents are not worried about the forthcoming results of FBI lab tests on items seized during two search warrants, according to family attorney Carlyle Sherrill.

The FBI says there is a rush on the evidence, and a number of different types of tests are being performed, but there s no timetable when they will be completed.

It is possible the findings could remain sealed unless needed as evidence for probable cause in court.

Dozens of investigators swarmed Casey and Sandy Parsons' house on Miller Chapel Road August 14, search warrant in hand, looking for clues to Erica Parsons disappearance two weeks after an older brother reported her missing, but two years after she was last seen at the house.

I think about it every day; it's in my prayers, said neighbor Patrick Burris.

Evidence found in and taken from the house, according to the warrant, includes red stains on walls and floor boards, swabs taken of those stains now being tested for blood, two knives and show a fascination with JonBenet Ramsey, the Colorado girl who was murdered in her own home and whose killer has never been caught.

Investigators also searched a Sandy Parsons' father's property on Sutton Road in China Grove on August 21. Investigators seized teeth, a hammer, vacuum parts and a videotape.

We're all in wait mode to see what, if anything, it means, or provides answers or leads.

We're not concerned, said family attorney Carlyle Sherrill, Lots of things were taken. There were seven people who live there. I think they've been forthcoming and don't think that the tests will show anything that would be incriminating toward them.

Speaking of Carlyle Sherrill, by now you're probably familiar with his name and face.

Many times, in ongoing cases, all you'll get is a no comment from attorneys.

Sherrill is the opposite, speaking freely and regularly about the search for Erica and his clients, Casey and Sandy, who hired him to stop what they called accusatory questioning by local investigators.

I think the Bar has changed the way it looks at public relations clients have, and the Bar has really seemed to have a responsibility to protect your clients' reputation with the public, and that's what I'm trying to do, he said.

Tuesday, the Rowan County Sheriff's Office responded to stories that Casey and Sandy Parsons have a strained relationship with local investigators compared to the FBI over what the family calls accusatory questioning.

Sheriff Kevin Auten says it's not uncommon for people to like one agency over another, but tough questions have to be asked, especially to those closest to Erica.

Nobody has been arrested or charged in Erica's disappearance.

Casey and Sandy Parsons deny any wrongdoing.

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