CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Cat Long, Heather Leavitt and Emily Harry came together in the most devastating way. Each woman miscarried.

Long lost her daughter, Catherine, at 36 weeks. Leavitt lost three babies. Harry lost a son at 36 weeks. They admit the time after was painful.

They had trouble even talking about their loss. But the three women have found a way to help others and still remember their children.

If we could help mothers who needed a better start with their baby and life, if we could clothe that baby and give them books and toys for the first nine months, that would take such a stress off that new mother and they could bond and have a better start in life, said Harry.

Harry and Leavitt had been friends. They talked about ways to help new mothers and began working together on Baby Bundles. Long joined in too.

Together, they are Baby Bundles, collecting clothing, toys and books and bundling it all together.
The women then deliver the supplies to hospitals for women who can t afford to get their newborns the things they need for the first nine months of life.

I still get emotional. I still do, said mom Asatu Horne.

Horne was the first woman ever to get a Baby Bundle. She and her husband had lost their jobs, their home and their cars two years ago when their son Olujimi was born.

It inspired me to know these women, who lost children, babies, that they gave back, she said through tears.

The women are hoping to grow Baby Bundles. They have volunteers and even collect some new clothing from stores in the area. They say it s helped keep their children close to their hearts.

When it gets crazy and busy and we're caught up in all of our activities, it's nice to go back and know we're doing something that honors our children, said Long.

If you d like to help or get involved with Baby Bundles, go to their website

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