IREDELL COUNTY, N.C. A homeowner was charged after a home invasion, according to the Sheriff's s Department.

Officials said they were called to the home of Jacob Wilhem, he told authorities that some broke into his home on Bristol Drive and tried to shoot him.

Detectives said they found the bullet that was found during the altercation. The bullet went through an interior wall, a chair, and was found in an exterior wall during the break in.

As detectives were collecting evidence they noticed a strong odor of marijuana. Deputies found 80.4 ounces of marijuana and $13,975.00 in cash inside Wilhem s home.

Although Wilhem was the victim of a home invasion, he was charged with the narcotics found in the residence.

Detectives believe that the narcotics were a possible motive for the break in.

As for the home invasion, detectives charged Jason Wayne Martin. Officials say during the crime, he left behind his hat containing his DNA.

Martin is facing a slew of charges including attempted armed robbery and second degree kidnapping.

Martin s bond was set at $60,000.

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