CONCORD, N.C. Concord police have released new information about a murder of a local high school sophomore.

Police said a J.M. Robinson student, 15-year-old Mark Gevon Bostic, was shot at Corban Avenue and Crowell Drive SW near downtown Concord while riding in a car.

Neighbors tell NBC Charlotte they heard several shots fired before 10 p.m. Sunday.

Investigators said the shooting was probably the result of an argument that started a few blocks away. When the victim and others left the scene, they were followed by another car. Someone in that car fired the fatal shots.

It was like pop, pop, pop,... pop, said one man who lives a few houses down from where someone opened fire.

A car just a car pulled up behind them, started shooting. He loved sports, had plenty of friends, loved his family, said the teen's mother Surecka Bostic outside her home, just a few blocks from where her son was shot. He loved all sports football, basketball, wrestling.

Officers responded to a report of a teen being treated at Northeast Medical Center for a gunshot wound. Bostic eventually died at the hospital, according to police.

Police say Bostic was brought to the hospital by private vehicle.

It saddens me to see him go at such a young age but I believe that the people who did this will be brought to justice, said Israel Fisher, who said he has known Bostic since Fisher moved to Concord six years ago with his family. He wasn't a troubled young man. He was a good young man, Fisher said.

Police said that they have located the car the shooter was in and are in the process of trying to find the shooter.

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