Amazon Book Download: The book Finding Cinderella is available through Amazon s digital download site. The book is by as bestselling author. Read more about her other titles at the site.

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Sleep Aid: The Zarbee s natural remedies company is offering up free samples of their sleep aid. This product is good for adults and people ages 12 and up.

Shampoo: Color Vibrancy shampoo from Loreal is still available through the Walmart sample site.

Feminine Care Products: Meantime, you can get Walmart brand (Equate) feminine care products for your menstrual cycle or for bladder protection. A few different varieties are available read all details and learn about the product at the link above. A sample is just a few clicks away.

Outdoors Sticker: The REI company has free stickers at this site. Just enter your name and information and answer a quick question about where you plan to use the sticker.

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