STANLEY, N.C. -- Investigators say a Gaston County daycare owner charged with indecent liberties might have been videotaping sex acts with a young girl inside that daycare.

A search of Robert Youngblood Kerby's house, on East Chestnut Street in the town of Stanley, exposed a long list of electronics that are now being examined for child pornography. Kerby's house doubles as Caron's Care daycare, which Kerby and his wife have owned for 19 years.

Kerby faces a total of 11 charges, including crime against nature, first-degree sex offense and indecent liberties. Two charges were added overnight.

The victim in this case gives us a strong indication that there will be, could be child pornography found, said prosecutor Jeff Jackson.

Kerby made his initial appearance Thursday in a Gaston County Court, where a judge gave him a $2.5 million bond and sealed all search warrants and affidavits due to the nature of the allegations, and to protect the names of juveniles.

Authorities say Kerby took indecent liberties with one underage girl at least three times, including at least once at the daycare and once at an undisclosed location.

The court appearance did not reveal what is on the computers, storage devices, floppy disks, video cameras and VHS tapes seized from Kerby's house.

That's what we're looking into right now. It's an ongoing investigation, said Stanley Police Chief Derek Summey. The biggest concern is the potential for other victims that are out there.

Police are interviewing families whose kids go to the daycare, which has been around for 19 years and sits across the street from an elementary school. Authorities shut down the daycare Wednesday afternoon.

Kerby's arrest has neighborhood parents talking to their kids to see what, if any contact they might have had with him.

The only thing I could think was, Oh Lord, did he touch my daughter? said one parent, who did not want to be identified.

That parent said the answer was no. She says her daughter doesn't go to the daycare but has been in the house. The girl told her mother about an uncomfortable situation she experienced recently while talking to Kerby about buying tickets for a fundraiser.

She said he didn't have change and he said it's Okay, you can keep my change is you give me a kiss. She said I got to go, and took off running.

Other neighbors say these accusations in a neighborhood filled with kids are the toughest to stomach.

To know that young children are harmed like that, it devastates me, said Becky Warren, who lives two houses down from Kerby.

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