CORNELIUS, N.C. -- Nearly a half-million North Carolinians had their health insurance coverage canceled because it didn't meet new Affordable Care Act standards.

But now, help could be on the way with the president announcing changes today to remedy the problem.

Martha Staley worked 10 years as a nurse, 20 as an insurance agent, so she better than most knows exactly what she wants for her healthcare insurance.

I know what insurance is about, shopped carefully for what I wanted, I like it. Iit s a quality plan and I wanted to keep it, and I won t be able to keep this plan, she told us.

She got a letter from Blue Cross Blue Shield saying her plan wasn't okay under the new Affordable Healthcare Act and it would have to change.

I was not happy because we'd been promised we could keep what we had as long as we liked it, and I did, Staley said.

She's also not happy about the change in how much she'll have to pay each month.

I was not a happy camper, and then I became an even more unhappy camper when I saw what they would put me in without me shopping around -- a higher deductible, and it would more than double my price.

She's hoping President Obama s announcement Thursday will mean good news. He conceded the government had fumbled the plan rollout and put changes in to place allowing insurance companies to keep plans they previously had to cancel under the Affordable Care Act.

But Staley still isn't planning on jumping on so fast.

Not right now in its current condition. I don t, because it s not working well.

Instead she plans to talk with some former insurance colleagues about her next move.

I am not happy to see this happening to me with this kind of premium, and I m not sure what I m going to do after the website gets running more smoothly.

It is now up to state insurance commissioners and the individual insurance companies to decide if they will go along with the president s announced changes.

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