Looking for a unique gift to give this holiday season? Lifestyle expert Susie Chase Brown shows off some great gift ideas.

1. Gloves with special fibers that allow the wearer to use a touchscreen while staying warm. Prices start at $19.99.

2. The Erase Case: Smartphone case that can be customized again and again with permanent markers. Price is $24.99.

3. Recoil Automatic Cord Winders: Eliminate tangled earbuds, USB cords and cables from your life. Prices start at $9.99.

4. AIRBAC: Backpack that takes the weight off the wearer's shoulders and spine. Prices start at $50.

5. Baking Steel: Cook breads and pizza faster and at lower temperatures. Price is $79.99.

6. Manito Silk: Hypoallergenic silk sheets, pillowcases and eyemasks.

7. Monkeez Makes a Difference: Plush stuffed animals for children. Makes a Difference donates 10 percent of the wholesale cost to a charity of your choice. Prices start at $7.99.

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