CHARLOTTE, N.C. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police plan to ramp up patrols at malls and stores during the upcoming holiday season.

It's all hands on deck, said Major Jeff Estes, CMPD.

The department released part of its effort to ensure shopping safety. The plan includes having additional patrol officers in cars, on foot, bicycles and dual motorcycles.

CMPD will also use recruits from the training academy class who will be teamed with officers to have even more officers on the streets to assist patrol divisions on Black Friday.

The Real Time Crime Center will also be in full operations during the next few days.

CMPD reserve officers and Citizens on Patrol groups will also assist during Black Friday Operations.

With all of these moves the department said it is still vital that everyone be vigilant.

Many times people are so wrapped up the shopping and they're not paying attention to what's going on around them, said Estes. If they feel unsure, unsafe about something leave that area. If they see something suspicious call us. he said.

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