GREENVILLE, S.C. (AP) -- A 14-story public housing building in downtown Greenville was imploded to make way for a new apartment project.

Officials reported no problems Sunday morning after using 400 pounds of dynamite to bring Scott Towers to the ground. Hundreds of people gathered to watch the demolition, which was also shown by television stations.

The towers were built in 1970 and have served as housing for low-income seniors. Structural problems were discovered about three years ago, and authorities decided to tear down the building.

Nearby houses, an apartment complex and some businesses were evacuated the morning of the demolition for safety reasons.

After the implosion, Greenville City firefighters will use the site for a training exercise. As part of the training, props and mannequins were placed inside the structure prior to the implosion for tactical search and rescue operations. The exercise is slated to commense Wednesday morning.

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