INDIAN TRAIL, N.C. -- A nosey neighbor who called 911 helped put two men suspected of robbing Firehouse Subs in Indian Trail Wednesday night behind bars.

The Firehouse robbery is at least the eighth armed robbery involving fast food restaurants over the last couple of weeks.

Union County authorities confirm they are looking into whether the Firehouse suspects, Dashawn Raquan Hunt, 25, and Davon Santario McKnight, 24, are connected to other unsolved robberies.

CMPD arrested Jonathan Shaird on Wednesday and charged him with two armed robberies of fast food restaurants on Freedom Drive.Those happened minutes apart from each other February 1st.

At last check it leaves five recent restaurant armed robberies unsolved.

A neighbor who lives near Firehouse Subs called 911 Wednesday night after an unfamiliar car parked on her street.

There is a 4-door brown, looks like a Crown Vic, that was acting suspicious, the caller said.

Now they are sitting there with their lights out, the caller continued.

It didn't take long for police to find Hunt and McKnight driving back to Charlotte with the car description from the 911 caller.

Police pulled them over, and then say Hunt and McKnight sped off before crashing near Pineville-Matthews Road.

The armed robberies have neighbors like Paul Nokhrin weary. He picks his mom up from work a most nights around the same time as the Firehouse robbery.

That scares me, I was three to four stores down from Firehouse, Nokhrin said.

Someone robbed a Pizza Hut Sunday night on Kings Drive. At last check it's one of the unsolved cases.

Overall, records show the number of commercial armed robberies if four times greater this year compared to the same time frame last year.

It's enough to make Khalid Al-Jayoussi think twice about taking the family out for fast food.

What if I have my kids?Not a safe place to go.No, I will not go, he said.

The armed robberies have police urging store owners to review their security systems, and make improvements if needed.

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