CONCORD, N.C. -- The brand new $10 million Sea Life Aquarium is scheduled to open later this month and Thursday, there was a red carpet ceremony to welcome many of the new residents.

A red carpet was actually rolled out to welcome a tractor trailer truck load of several different species of fish that will take up residence at the aquarium, located at the Concord Mills Shopping Mall.

Jack Stevenson is the Marketing Director for the aquarium and was on hand as the truck was unloaded.

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Thirty-six species of tropical fish, a large array of stingrays and sharks, and I hear our jelly fish may be on the way, too, he said.

The curator, who traveled with the fish up from the Florida Keys, David Cochran, described the operation in the back of the truck.

The truck is modified with tanks and life support systems to be able to handle the transport of these aquatic animals.

A number of area school kids and their parents were invited to watch and be the first to see the fish that will be a part of the Concord-Charlotte area s newest attraction.

One of those parents, Shandi Gregg said, I think these kids are going to learn a lot. They have a lot of interactive computers, so the kids will learn.

Her daughter, Kiera Gregg said, I think it s very cool that they took animals from the ocean and put them in here so they won t be killed off.

The public will get a chance to see the aquarium when it opens February 20.

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