CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- CMS is asking for more school counselors and psychologists to help deal with kids fighting mental illnesses.

It's something police are focusing on as well.

It's been a difficult couple of weeks.

At Fort Hood, there were three people killed and many more injured when a soldier believed to be suffering from PTSD opened fire.

At a Pennsylvania high school a 16-year-old student on a rampage stabbed 20 classmates.

And closer to Charlotte, in York County, a man whose mom said her son was suicidal points a gun at cops, who fired, killing him.

Every time a tragic incident happens, we say we never saw anything but you can historically go back and there have been tragedies going on for decades. We have more awareness now, said CMPD Captain Ryan Butler.

Butler works with officers to get them into what's called CIT training. The Crisis Intervention Team helps train cops to work with people with mental health issues.

You get police officers who get first aid training in the academy. Mental health is another issue they need to have training in.

There seems to be more of a focus on mental health on several fronts. Just this week, CMS asked for more money $3.7 million -- to bring in more school psychologists, counselors and social workers.

Mental illness is not new. It s not a new societal problem. I think there s just greater awareness and people are seeing oh this can happen to anybody.

And he says it's time we all learn to deal with it if we're going to keep history from repeating itself.

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