LANCASTER, N.C. -- investigators revealed Friday what happened in the moments before local deputies shot and killed a driver last month.

A new report released today by the Lancaster County Sheriff's Office says 55-year-old Ingrid Mayer was pulled over for driving erratically on Parkman Avenue.

Deputies caught up to Mayer on Grace Avenue and conducted a traffic stop. They say she appeared to be driving under the influence.

As officers checked the status of her license, Mayor reportedly told deputies, This is about to be a suicide by cop.

She put her car in reverse, and then slammed into a patrol car with an officer inside.

Police say Mayer then headed toward another deputy who pulled his gun, firing twice.

Mayer crashed into a ditch and died.

The South Carolina Law Enforcement Division is still investigating.

The sheriff s office conducted its own internal investigation, which determined the deputies acted appropriately.

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