CABARRUS COUNTY, N.C. -- Decision 2014 saw three Cabarrus County Commissioners incumbents swept out of office.

Voters describe them as Tea Party conservatives, whose ideas about growth and school funding weren't working.

If you don't vote and things don't turn out the way you would like, then it's your own fault, said resident Jim Oldham.

His votes Tuesday for Cabarrus County Commissioners included all challengers who won: Diane Honeycutt, Grace Mynatt and Lynn Shue.

That means incumbents Chris Measmer, Jason Oesterreich and Larry Burrage s terms will be over.

Get new blood in there and see if things can't get a little better, Oldham said. I think people saw we were in the wrong direction, said Commissioner-Elect Grace Mynatt, who earned the second most votes.

Mynatt says that direction was backward when it comes to county development and school funding.

She mentioned Mt. Pleasant Middle School as an example. It's old, falling apart and lacks lockers in a locker room. The school board wants to tear it down and build a new one on the same spot.

Mynatt says the current county commission is willing to pay $16 million when the school district requested $22 million.

The funding difference would likely mean smaller and fewer amenities, like gym space.

You just wouldn't have had the same quality of school, Mynatt said.

Mynatt says the incumbents wanted to pay cash to fund schools, but couldn't find a way to make it work, or get others on board.

They didn't get voters on board either. Now they're out.

The commission remains all Republican, even with the three incumbents ousted.

Mynatt says she considers herself more moderate than the three who lost.

Oesterreich s web site says he, Measmer and Burrage had to make tough choices when dealing with a nearly half-billion dollar county budget deficit, and spending more money for one school meant less for others.

We contacted all three incumbents but didn t hear back.

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