CHARLOTTE, N.C.-- It's a Plaza Midwood landmark, and after closing in 2010, it's now reopening under new management. The Diamond Restaurant held its grand opening Friday at 11 a.m.

We've been waiting and waiting and waiting for it to open, said Rhonda Miran, who was standing outside of the restaurant.

Rhonda was one of dozens of customers who crowded the front entrance, counting the minutes before the Diamond Restaurant's grand opening.

[We're] ready to eat some good food, said one patron.

Owner Jimmy King welcomed his first guest this morning. He purchased the restaurant in mid-2010 after leaving the Penguin Restaurant over a lease dispute.

Hey guys, thanks for coming. Come on in, he said as the doors were unlocked.

The restaurant is keeping some of its signature dishes from its previous owners, while adding some new creations.

I'm super excited, said Kelly Crisan, who was enjoying lunch at the restaurant.

Crisan says she was a regular customer at the nearby Penguin Diner, and when she found out the previous owners there had purchased and renovated the Diamond, she knew she had to add another local restaurant to her list.

It's all about taking care of the community, and helping everybody out. So we will eat there. We will eat here, she said.

That's exactly what King says he wants to hear.

We support them and they support us, and that's what's great about this neighborhood. Plaza Midwood rocks, said King.

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