CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- When John Patton decided to appeal the new taxable value of his Tuckaway Park home in South Charlotte last month, he told NewsChannel 36 he was told to call an appraiser, certified.

He did, and so, apparently, did hundreds of others.

It's been rather hectic, Skeet Harris, owner of T.B. Harris Jr. and Associates, said. His company is one of many in the area that provided certified appraisals for both residential and commercial properties.

Other appraisers we spoke with declined to have a lengthy conversation, too busy for an interview.

And we have yet to get into the townhome and condominium market or the commercial sector, Harris predicted.

Harris believes the backup means a lot of homeowners won't be able to book an appraisal before the tax appeal is due March 10. If you are a homeowner and you feel like you want to order an appraisal and you are feeling rushed and there is not enough time and the appraisers are saying that they are booked, go ahead and check the box and then in the comments section say, 'Appraisal is ordered,' or 'Appraisal being completed', he suggests.

More than 12,000 appeals have been filed with Mecklenburg County. It is not clear how many of them will include a professional appraisal, but many county officials have suggested that the document would make a powerful case to the county board that will consider appeals.

Realtors like Virginia Popovich of Keller Williams Realty have found its now difficult to schedule an appraiser for homes customers want to buy. You call them and they are like,'I can get to it after we are done with our tax valuations.'

We've had to beg and scream and cry and pound on the phone.

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