CHARLOTTE, N.C. Opening statements start Wednesday morning in Carolina Panthers Pro-Bowl linebacker Jon Beason s civil trial.

Beason is accused of punching Greg Frye in the face so hard that Frye required reconstructive surgery. Beason is countersuing Frye for malicious prosecution and slander and says if he wins, he will seek only one dollar in damages because what s most important is his reputation.

The jury was selected late Tuesday afternoon. It includes eight women and four men.

Jury selection took all day in part because of Beason s celebrity.

A lot of the questioning for potential jurors included if they know who Beason is, if they like the Panthers or have problems with athletes getting in trouble.

Frye is suing Beason for battery and intentional infliction of emotional distress. He says Beason sucker punched him at the Uptown Cabaret in November 2009.

Frye made a statement at the strip club that he allegedly saw Beason doing what he thought was cocaine at a party on Lake Norman.

Word got back to Beason at the strip club. Frye asked to talk to Beason about it outside and says that's when Beason punched him.

Beason vehemently denies the drug and assault accusations and is countersuing for malicious prosecution and slander.

A lot of the questions focused on credibility during jury selection.

It appears Beason's attorneys will go after Frye hard on credibility, since police say Frye pretended to be a Panthers player to impress girls.

During jury selection, Frye's attorneys asked if they could have witnesses not named on the police report.

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