CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Doesn t it seem like even full blast air conditioning isn t enough on hot 95-plus degree days like this?

We always mention cooling centers and shopping malls as places to cool off but the movie theater sounds pretty good right about now.

Over at Regal Cinemas, you can sign up for a free popcorn via text message. This freebie works by entering your mobile phone number at their Facebook page, and then they ll send you a text alert coupon for a free popcorn.

Meantime, my 11 p.m. producer, Rachel and I, along with our friend from the American Heart Association, went to air-yoga this morning at the Flex + Fix in Uptown. My goodness. I don t do yoga, and this yoga involved large silk bands hanging from the ceiling. We were twisting and hanging and stretching on them even flipping completely upside down!

While I may not be the biggest yoga buff, Best Deal Magazines has a new offer for a year s worth of their Yoga Journal magazine nine issues total for just $3.73! Why it s not $3.75 or even $3.60 really is beyond me, but hey, I m not complaining. Enter the code PXCJ724 for your discount.

This last freebie really will cool you down. A free ice cream float mini-treat at Maggie Moo s from 3-6 p.m. today only Call ahead for participation, especially for this one.

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