CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- A woman who says she was evicted from her apartment has been living in her car at the Cotswold Shopping Center for the past 16 days.

Sharon Woodall's only companion is her little dog Boo. It is because of Boo that she does not want to go to a homeless shelter, because shelters don't take pets.

I have no place. I have no family, said Woodall. I didn't want to ask anybody for anything.

Woodall says she was evicted from her Pineville Apartment in June. She says she used her rent money to fix the brakes on her car and the complex would not take a partial payment.

Some employees at stores in the shopping center have given her money to buy gas so she can keep the air conditioner in her car running.

Others have given her food and water for Boo.

Her son, Andy, died when he was electrocuted. He was only 10. She carries a picture of Andy in her car along with Boo.

Like I said I try not to ask people for anything, but I am begging, please let me take a shower, please let me sleep on your couch, just one night.

I just wanted to sleep one night, she explained. Woodall says she clears her mind and tries to pretend she and Boo are in a better place.

She just never thought she'd wind-up like this.
No, I didn't, she said. I try to be positive and I tell Boo just pretend that we are camping, said Woodall.

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