CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- New details emerged Thursday afternoon in the case of a Pineville teenager accused of killing his father and stepmother earlier this week in their south Mecklenburg County home.

In court prosecutors claimed the teenager waited for his father and stepmother to come home and then ambushed them.

Prosecutors say the killings were well planned, with the teen wearing a tactical vest with a knife, adding the teen had plans to flee to Mexico as well.

According to defense attorney Valerie Pearce, the teen was abused as a child and was forced to stay in his room for long periods of time.

Earlier this week, Christian Liewand and Cassie Buckaloo were killed in their home.

Prosecutors want this case moved to state superior court, and if that happens the teen will be automatically tried as an adult.

Family members refused to speak to NewsChannel 36 outside the courtroom Thursday. According to officers, the teen has appeared calm in jail and has had no problems sleeping or eating.

The teen is also charged with robbery. Prosecutor Heathe Taraska said after shooting the victims, the teen went through the pockets of both victims looking for money and keys.

NewsChannel 36 is still not releasing the name of the teen at this time.

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