CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- It works, if you can get up high enough to scan it.

Hackerspace Charlotte has created what could be the world s largest permanent QR code. This week, painters finished the 100 x 100 foot creation, which sits on the rooftop of Southern Resources in NoDa.

QR codes are two dimensional bar codes. They re scannable by most smartphones, which then connect a user to a specific website (in this case, This one is designed to be visible from space, and eventually, satellite imagery that s used to power Google Maps.

Someone sitting at home on their computer can see this bar code, put their phone up to it, and it'll take them to the website for the project, said Ryan Stachurski of Hackerspace Charlotte.

Hackerspace Charlotte is an open technology lab in NoDa, where people who are interested in working on interesting projects can meet and work together. Members pitched the idea to Southern Resources, which donated the roof space.

Hackerspace hopes to have Guinness certify the record sometime in November. A similarly sized code was created at a racetrack in New Jersey, but it s since been removed.

This one doesn't have that much of a practical purpose other than it's a fun project, said Ryan Stachurski of Hackerspace Charlotte. It beats sitting around watching TV.

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