CATAWBA COUNTY, N.C. -- At one time, Jeremy Mayfield was one of NASCAR S best. Now, if the Catawba County Sheriff s Office is right, he s been reduced to stealing scrap metal to support a drug habit.

When deputies went into his home on Monday they found 40 guns and about $100,000 worth of stolen goods from five businesses, including Red Bull Racing and Fitz Motorsports in Mooresville and Lee Boy Inc. and Dwain s Scrap Metal in Denver.

All of the companies reported the theft of a large amount of metal components and copper.

Deputies laid out the justification for their investigation in a search warrant. It said they were tipped off by a source who said that Mayfield actually participated in all of the thefts, which began last December.

According to the warrant, the source said that, Mayfield is a consistent user of methamphetamine.

Deputies found a little more than an ounce of meth in his home on Monday and arrested him on drug charges. The source said that he has personally witnessed Mayfield purchase and consume meth over 500 separate times.

Mayfield s attorney, Daniel Marino, said the allegations are bogus. This search was prompted by what the evidence will show were baseless allegations by an unreliable source, he said.

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