CONCORD, N.C. What was concern has now grown into worry.

The 3.3 acres of woods neighbors are angry and worried about was deeded over to a homeowners association no one even knew about back in 1991. Because the builder didn t make it tax exempt, taxes began to mount.

Now, the county and city tax bill is $12,784. The 65 homeowners are being held responsible for the debt. Ironically, that might be the good news.

First, there was a meeting between Cabarrus County and the homeowners to share information and noodle around solutions. The county tax assessor followed up that meeting by sending homeowners a letter with some very unsettling language.

The last line of the letter explains that if the taxes aren t paid, foreclosure is an option, and it goes on to say that all must be named in the foreclosure proceeding.

Neighbor Jeff McKinney is stepping forward to try to solve the issue for everyone in Cinnamon Hill so they can keep the woods and their future credit.

How does that have anything to do with us? It makes us look like we haven t paid our debts and taxes, when in fact we have, McKinney said.

Cabarrus County feels that neighbors shouldn t be concerned because the foreclosure proceeding is just a formality.

Aimee Hawkins with Cabarrus Communications say the county is even offering neighbors a 12- month payment plan if they decide to pay the back taxes.

James Galvin is a Charlotte attorney with Thurman, Wilson, Boutwell and Galvin who handles real estate law and plenty of foreclosures. Galvin says neighbors have a right to be concerned.

Anyone, whether it is an employer or a credit check, will look and see in the public records that you were part of a foreclosure, Galvin said.

A credit bureau told McKinney that if a foreclosure like this is discovered, it will be listed on their credit.

With new worry and lots to do and owe, neighbors are frantically working to get themselves out of the woods. So far, only 22 of the 65 homeowners in Cinnamon Hill are on board with paying anything to keep the woods and avoid having it foreclosed on and sold at auction.

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