MINTHILL, N.C. -- Firefighters, police and federal health officials responded to a fire at an abandoned Mint Hill building listed as one of the most hazardous places in the country.

Police said the blaze, which began around 5 p.m. at the building on the 10000 block of Albemarle Road, appeared to be intentionally set. Four people were taken into custody Wednesday evening for questioning.

On Thursday, Charlotte-Mecklenburg police said they arrested three juveniles who were each charged with first degree trespassing.

The former Ram Leather Care Dry Cleaner was listed as a superfund site by the Environmental Protection Agency in 2003. Superfund sites are abandoned facilities, deemed so toxic the federal agency controls the clean-up process.

Ram Leather Care shut down in 1993 after it was determined chemicals discovered in nearby well-water could have potentially made hundreds of people sick.

Witness Karl Burrows called 911 and shot video of the fire on his cell phone. He said he had no idea the site was contaminated and simply stopped because he saw flames.

Firefighters said they recognized the address as the EPA superfund site, which helped to prepare them for the situation.

NewsChannel 36 asked if Wednesday s fire created any new dangers for Mint Hill residents. EPA officials said the chemicals are found only in the ground and do not pose any additional threat to anyone.

Agents claimed they would monitor runoff from water used to fight the fire, to make sure it did not get into the storm drain system.

To read the EPA report on the site click here.

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