MOUNT HOLLY, N.C. -- Outside the Daimler Chrysler plant in Mount Holly, several workers are planting shrubs at the silver sign that displays the company's name.

On Wednesday, President Barack Obama will tour the plant and is expected to talk about the facility when he makes a speech about his economic plan.

Neither the company nor the White House would go into specifics about the President's speech other than to confirm it will happen and it's about economics.

In downtown people are also excited about the President's visit, but more excited about the return for stores and shops in the area.

Greg Beal of the town's planning and zoning and economic development departments said that the city has recently added about 13 or 14 new businesses, and things are looking good for the area.

I think he (the President) is smart to come here to highlight that there is some resurgence of industry here, Beal said as he sat down to lunch as Vasileios Italian Restaurant on Main Street.

About a year ago you were starting to see more businesses open, Beal added.

Over the last year-and-a-half the town has changed, and many say for the better.

Some point to the Daimler plant bringing back workers as a key contributor to the revitalization of Mount Holly.

The town says it has also worked with groups like the non-profit Mount Holly Community Development Foundation to help attract more business to the area.

Resident Hank Beck is not an Obama backer and said that his first thought when he heard that the President was coming was not positive.

Beck said that while he is not a fan of the president and his policies he is happy about what employees returning to Daimler means for the local economy.

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