CHARLOTTE, N.C. The hammering, sawing and scraping outside Gary Waters home is actually a welcomed site.

Waters says since 2007 the Charlotte Department of Transportation has been paving and repaving Bramble Place, but in the process, raising the level of the street.

It probably wouldn t be a big deal if Waters didn t live at the bottom of the slope and on a cul-de-sac.

Waters told NewsChannel 36 that gully washers are the problem. They just wash the driveway down the hill, so I m glad to see them here fixing it.

The Charlotte DOT has been out on Bramble Place working to raise the gutters, which will solve the problem of the flooding.

But Waters is hoping the cost of fixing his driveway is part of the overall project. So far, no one in the city will commit to anything, and that is making him nervous.

Everybody is just point the finger at everybody else, he said.

NewsChannel 36 called the Charlotte DOT to inquire about the paving out on Bramble Place. They said that they are aware of Mr. Waters situation and are looking into the problem.

NewsChannel 36 will be following this story.

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