CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Five Charlotte high schools had extra security this week after a teen s murder prompted talk of retaliation.

John Kempson was shot and killed outside a high school party on Saturday night.

His nephew, Vince Guy, has been busy begging the teens not to retaliate, but all week, threats on Facebook and on Twitter promised war.

We burying my nephew. If they retaliate, we re going to bury somebody on their side, going to go back and forth. Where does it end, Guy asked.

Guy has three wounds on his arm left from bullets he took during his own time in a Charlotte gang, and now he s trying to prevent a new generation from the same life.

Police said the threats of violence focus on five schools: West Charlotte, where Kempson was a student, West Mecklenburg, Vance, Harding and Myers Park.

They upped security at all five schools that have been mentioned in the talk of retaliation.

I will not tolerate situations (that) disrupt learning or puts fear in our students, said interim Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools Superintendent Hugh Hattabaugh.

Hattabaugh and Charlotte-Mecklenburg police held a joint news conference Friday afternoon to say there had been no incidents at any of the schools, but security would remain in place at least through the end of next week when students leave for spring break.

Guy believes CMS is doing all they can and said it s on the parents to keep their kids in line.

I pity the parents who are not watching it unfold. It's a powder keg and it could get really out of control, Guy added.

He worries his nephew won't be the only one lost.

It s escalating. Until somebody says No, let s stop it, there s no telling where it s going to end, Guy said.

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