CHARLOTTE, N.C. Detectives with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department say a man tried to abduct a 7-year-old girl this weekend in north Charlotte.

The incident occurred around 5:45 p.m. on Saturday while the girl was playing in the 9500 block of Long Creek Green Drive.

According to theCMPD report, the girl was in front of her home at the Long Creek Club Apartments. The suspect reportedly grabbed the child, picked her up and ran behind an apartment building.

However, investigators say the child screamed for help and was released by the suspect a short time later.

Sunday afternoon, at least three officers canvassed the area where the attempted abduction occurred. Neighbors stopped to speak with police about what happened. Officers were expected back in the area Monday.

Lamont Rivers, who lives in the apartment complex with his five children says he is worried about their safety, but he is glad the 7-year-old victim knew what to do when she was being attacked.

That could be anyone's daughter, said Rivers.

It could have been my [child]. It has me worried. Itell my kids, 'If somebody grabs you, always yell,' he continued.

The girl was not injured and police say the man fled from the scene on foot. Detectives say the 7-year-old victim and other eye-witnesses were able to provide a detailed description of the suspect.

The suspect is described as:

  • a Hispanic male
  • in his late twenties
  • short, spiky hair
  • about 5'9 with a stocky build and a pot belly.

Investigators have not yet released a sketch of the suspect. If you have any information about this incident you are asked to call the Crime Stoppers tip line at 704-334-1600.

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