CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- I realize fall just began about a week ago, but some folks are already thinking about winter.

The Climate Prediction Center is forecasting the southeast United States will likely experience below normal temperatures and above normal precipitation.

North Carolina is on the edge with an area of drier and warmer conditions just to our north and west. Being on border between cold, rainy weather to our south and warm, dry conditions to the north makes this forecast a little iffy.

Data is suggesting neutral sea surface temperatures in the Pacific Ocean are now starting to warm up. This would lead to an El Nino winter, which is typically cool and wet here in the southeast.

This would be a big change from last winter, which was very mild and dry. By the way, The Old Farmer s Almanac is predicting and cool wet winter. However, I recently saw a wooly worm and its colors were indicating and mild winter.

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