MOUNT HOLLY, N.C. -- The last few months haven t been easy for Cindi and Kirk Davis of Mount Holly.

You can only hold on for so long, and I don t know what to do at this point, said Cindi as she fought back tears.

Life for her has been sad and uncertain, and there have been plenty of tears shed by husband Kirk.

She s been a real trooper through this whole thing, he said crying.

Since 2008, Cindi's life has been about chemotherapy to fight what has turned into terminal breast cancer, and about finding the energy and money to save her home from foreclosure.

It s not much, but it s been mine for eight years, she said of her Mount Holly home.

In August, Wells Fargo told NBC Charlotte that Cindi's home wasn t in active foreclosure and no one had asked her to leave.

But then, just two weeks later,a deputy served her with papers from the bank saying her house would be sold at the courthouse just six days before Christmas.

Cindi was overwhelmed. Choking back tears she said, I don t know how long I can t fight like this.

After that story aired on NBC Charlotte, reaction poured in and so did help. One person, identity unknown, donated $10,000.

Cindi and Kirk were shocked.

That much, from one person, we re so thankful for it, Cindi said.

James Surane, a Charlotte area real estate attorney, was moved and appalled by what he saw and heard. Today, Surane and his team of lawyers are now in the fight to save Cindi and Kirk s home.

There is an opportunity to help the Davis and with your (NBC Charlotte) assistance, we re going to help them through this situation, Surane said.

After learning about the donation and the legal help, Cindi let out a breath in her driveway and looked up and said, It frees me up from worry, I m not worrying as much anymore.

It's good news for a woman who needs to focus on beating her cancer.

Since that last report, Wells Fargo has backed off, too, moving Cindi and Kirk s foreclosure hearing to 2013, allowing all parties more time to find a solution that keeps a dying woman in her home for Christmas.

Cindi was elated.

I decorate every year, and I haven t decorated in the last two, but I am going to decorate big this year, my snoopy decorations are going to be everywhere.

In the fight of her life for her life, Cindi and Kirk have found 10,000 new reasons to wear a smile.

I m back in this fight, she said.

Late Monday, Wells Fargo Bank sent this statement to NBC Charlotte.

The tentative foreclosure sale date has been suspended until after the start of the new year to allow us more time to work with Mr. and Mrs. Davis to try and find an option that will allow them to stay in their home.
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