CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Former Charlotte Mayor Pat McCrory hit the campaign trail in Union County Monday, asking for votes and energizing core supporters.

McCrory, who is battling Lt. Governor Walter Dalton to become the state's next governor, spoke at a rally at Wingate University on Monday.

The latest Real Clear Politics polls shows McCrory with a seven point lead over Dalton heading into Election Day.

At Wingate, McCrory touted his Carolina comeback message about more jobs and more hope for students who graduate, but can't find work due to the state's high unemployment rate.

That is not the North Carolina and that is not the country I remember growing up, McCrory said. My goal for every college student is I want you to graduate, then I want you to get a job, then I want you to move into your own house.

McCrory said the state's unemployment rate, currently the fifth highest in the nation, has kids moving back home with their parents instead of starting careers.

That means you're not moving into an apartment, helping an apartment manager job, not moving into houses and helping a real estate person with their job or a helping a construction person with their job, he said.

McCrory has spent months defining the differences between himself and Dalton, whom he has tied to the state's economic woes under Governor Beverly Perdue. Monday, McCrory barely mentioned Dalton's name.

McCrory did mention something young voters might not know - that he called NBA legend and Carolina native Michael Jordan for traveling, when McCrory was a young referee.

I'll call traveling on republicans, democrats and independents if they're making bad decisions and that's the job of the governor, I'll make the tough calls needed to fix this broken economy and broken government. I did it as mayor, I will do it as governor.

McCrory also says he's happy his campaign didn't go negative - and if he wins, says it will show it can be done - and hopes it encourages young people to go into public service,

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