CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Rick Ross is one of the most popular artists in Hip Hop, but he s made a few thousand enemies lately.

He s scheduled to perform at a concert at the Bojangles Coliseum Saturday December 8th.

The Gangster Disciples have a beef with him. The North Carolina Chapter has put out a YouTube video warning him to stay out of Charlotte.

I think fans should be concerned I think the parents should be concerned because you never know, said Paul Scott a Minister from Durham who is also a Hip Hop journalist.

Scott has been highly critical of the violence sparked by rap artists. Hip Hop does not represent the real street, the commercial Hip Hop that Rick Ross promotes represents Wall Street and Wall Street cares nothing about the loss of human life if they can make a dollar.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police released this prepared statement.

As always with large events such as this concert, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department will remain vigilant and work to ensure a safe environment for all those attending.

Deon Cole is a friend of Ross and the Assistant Programming Director for Power 98. He doesn t believe that fans have anything to worry about.

It's going to definitely be a great show you have no worries at all about safety issues or anything like that I think people are going to come out they are going to enjoy it, said Cole.

In the rap video the Disciples are upset because Ross mentions the name of the founder of the street gang and uses the Star of David to promote himself.

That symbol is used by the gang. Cole believes that one day Ross and the Disciples will work out their problems.

Scott says he wouldn t take the chance and if his kids asked to go he would say no.

No one took the Tupac Notorious BIG beef seriously until they were both dead.

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