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DALLAS, N.C. -- After a two-year investigation, FBI and local authorities raided a popular motorcycle club Thursday afternoon on a variety of drug, money and weapons charges.

The Hells Angels bike club locations in Dallas off of Dallas-Spencer Mountain Road and off Linda Drive in southeast York County were raided by the FBI around 12:30 p.m. Several FBI agents and local officers were seen removing items from the club in Dallas and investigating the area around the club.

The FBI said it charged 19 members from Hells Angels on racketeering conspiracy, money laundering, drugs and fire arm violations. The arrests were served along with the execution of 23 search warrants in North and South Carolina.

Law enforcement seized methamphetamine, cocaine, marijuana, pills and 100 firearms, including two automatic machine guns, according to the FBI.

Those arrested including one suspect from Charlotte; two from Gastonia; four from Lancaster County; and five from York County. The others were from elsewhere in South Carolina.

Those arrested were:

Daniel Eugene Bifield, a/k/a Diamond Dan (Leesville)

Mark William Baker, a/k/a Lightning (Lancaster)

David Channing Oiler, a/k/a Gravel Dave (Lancaster)

Bruce James Long, a/k/a Bruce-Bruce (West Columbia)

Richard Thrower, a/k/a Little Mark, Rat (Lancaster)

David Pryor, a/k/a Yard Owl (York)

James Frederick Keach, Jr., a/k/a Big Fred (Pelion)

Frank Enriquez, Jr., a/k/a Big Frank (Rock Hill)

Donald Boersma, a/k/a Brooklyn Donnie (Clover)

Lisa Ellen Bifield, a/k/a Lisa Ellen Meyers (Leesville)

Lisa Ellen Stockton (Leesville)

Johanna Looper, a/k/a JoJo (York)

Kerry Chitwood (Gastonia)

Carlos Hernandez (Charlotte)

Ronald Dean Byrum, Jr., a/k/a Big Ron (Gastonia)

Trent Allen Brown (West Columbia)

Bruce Ranson Wilson, a/k/a Diesel (Swansea)

Thomas McManus Plyler, a/k/a Uncle Tom (Rock Hill)

Jamie Hobbs Long (Lancaster)

Somying Anderson, a/k/a Ying (West Columbia)

The Charlotte Observer contributed to this article.

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