CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Charlotte's New Year's Eve celebration of First Night will cap off a year that many say has put uptown Charlotte on the world stage.

The year 2012 saw uptown play host to the CIAA Basketball Tournament, Speed Street, the Belk Bowl and, of course, the Democratic National Convention in September.

Fabulous year of events for Charlotte and for uptown, said Robert Krumbine of Charlotte's Center City Partners.

Krumbine says it isn't possible to put an exact dollar amount generated by all the events but he says the city benefited in other ways, especially from the DNC.

The little things that happened, things the police officers now have and the things we have as tools and resources (like) the Out Bike-Share Program. I mean there are a lot of things that have come about because of the events that occurred over the last few months, Krumbine said.

Jarvis Holliday follows entertainment for Charlotte Magazine.

Charlotte has more nightlife venues, bars, restaurants, night clubs then ever before, he said.

He credits some of the big-name events for drawing new business to the city.

People have just said if the DNC wants to come here then there must be a large enough number of people who would want to patronize our venue, Holliday said.

On College Street, Carolina Ale House is celebrating it's first year in business and given all the big events, Manager James Hiller says the restaurant benefited and made its mark.

When asked to name the biggest event he said, that would definitely be a tie between CIAA and the DNC both of those were very big for us, said Holliday.

While Holliday worries that with so many new venues, the city might not be able to sustain them all, Krumbine is more optimistic and says making a bid for the Super Bowl would now have to be taken seriously.

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